Everyone Is Moving!

And some good news from my sister, too!

My husband called me at lunch today with some big and exciting news. His boss called him into his office and told him that he is getting a long overdue promotion. He is going to head up the new sales division in Wells Branch which means we are moving! I am so excited about all of this although we have a lot to figure out still. For starters I need to start on a home search which should be fun. His company is going to pay for all of our moving expenses which will be nice.

This really couldn’t come at a better time because we have been kicking around the idea of selling gooour house for weeks now. I should say I have been while my husband didn’t want to. He just didn’t think it was a good idea to get a more expensive mortgage but that doesn’t matter anymore. I am not going to say how much his raise was but it was enough we don’t have to worry about that anymore. I work myself as a physical therapist so I can get work anywhere. I have actually been out of work for a month as I am in-between jobs at the moment. I guess that worked out for the best because now I won’t have to give my two weeks or anything like that. I can instead focus on getting us ready to move!

One thing I am not going to look forward to is packing. We have a lot of stuff and it is all going to have to be put in boxes. Our attic alone is jam packed with stuff that all needs to go. I told my husband he needs to get up there this weekend and start bringing stuff down. I don’t like going up there myself as it is sort of scary. I don’t mean in a boo kind of way but the floor up there is very weak. You can to really watch where you step or you could fall through the floor. That is something I always wanted to fix but we never got around to it. As you can probably imagine it isn’t cheap to fix something like that. We would have had to replace the whole floor. I hope that doesn’t hurt us when it comes to selling but I’m sure it will be a factor or sorts.