I Am More Of A Gardener Than A Computer Tech

There are two computers in our office and I think I should probably get a wireless router.  Since we have two now there needs to be some way to connect them together.  I was going to just use a normal router but I figured wireless is probably the way to go since we might get a laptop or something later and then we’d need to be able to get online with that one, too.  The only thing I have used is a the modem that I get from my ISP so I don’t really know much about wireless routers.  I had to go online and start reading about how they work and the different speeds and everything.  I figured I wanted the fastest one because I don’t want to get something and then our internet is going too slow.  When I’m viewing stuff I want it to load well.  I was reading about the Netgear r6300 on a review highlight and it seems that it’s a good option, and it seems pretty fast.  The reviews I’ve read on other sites say that the range is good, too, and like I said even though both of the computers are in our office, we still might need to be able to go online with a laptop and having a router with good range is important for that.  So apparently Wireless-N is good although i am not sure exactly what that means, but that’s why I like to look up stuff online when I am trying to make a decision about what to buy.

Some other features include Advanced QoS as well as Simultaneous Dual Band, and I heard those are good so I’m going to see if I can find out more models that feature those as well.

Really, though, having internet is the only thing we want and we are not really power users although I like to play some online games that can get slow if the internet connection s tarts to get a little lagged, so I just want to have a wireless modem that works well enough that we can go online and not have to worry about data transfer or anything like that and that’s why I’ve been checking out some of the options from the different manufacturers and will probably pick the one that has all the features on it.  It should be relatively easy to use, too.