Looking At Houses

My old roommate just moved to Charleston, SC. That’s quite a move and we were talking about what kind of home he should get. There are a lot of places online like this one where you can look at homes that are available. We have pretty similar tastes in homes so I was helping him look for them although I’m not moving. I know if I like a home he probably will, too, and vice versa. Sometimes you see one and you know right away that it’s not your style. I would pretty much rule those ones out and not even show them to him. I’d email him homes throughout the day while we were at work and he would reply with whether he would get a place like that or not.

He actually talked about renting a place but he’s at the point where he doesn’t want to rent anymore. We’ve been roommates for the last 3 years and so I think it’s pretty cool that he just bought a place.

I’m going to keep living by myself for awhile now. I like the place where I live and I don’t have a reason to move right now. It’s pretty close to my job and it’s nice, and now I have an extra bedroom that I might use as an office. I thought about getting another roommate but I’m going to live by myself for awhile. Living by yourself is pretty cool because you can do whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting in your way, and the only dirty dishes are your own. It’s nice. I can also watch whatever TV shows I want and not have to wait for him to finish watching something if something I want to watch comes on.

Anyway, I’ll be kind of sad now that he moved out. Like I said, he was a good roommate and we got along most of the time. Of course people always fight a little bit but generally speaking we didn’t have any issues. We both went to bed at around the same time and we both got up around the same time. I’m definitely going to go visit him once he’s settled in and take a look at his new house that I helped him pick out. He sent me some pics. He’s got a nice living room and an open floor plan which I really like. It’s got an island in the kitchen, too.