Fuel Economy

I have been talking to this guy I know about what kind of car he should get.  He is telling me he wants to get a Lexus and I know that a few people I know have Lexuses and I think they like them for the most part.  He said that he doesn’t want to buy one, though, and was thinking about leasing instead.  He asked me if I knew anything about that and I said no, although I think in some cases it might be a good idea to lease.  I don’t know what the rules are or anything other than having a general idea of how it works but I’m sure he will be able to find out more and then look at the Lexus lease deals that are out there and see which ones works the best for him.  He is one of those guys who likes to talk about cars and even though I am also into cars, I don’t really know as much as him so I will get lost in some of the things he’s talking about especially if it gets too complicated.  Of course, there are topics that I know a lot about that he doesn’t know anything about, so it all evens out.  I think that if I were going to get a new car right now I would probably want to get something that was a hybrid.  I have been hearing that some of them can get really good gas mileage and I haven’t actually seen any up close or at the dealer, but I’ve been seeing them on TV.  I think that’s a pretty good idea, too, because the less gas you use is probably better for all.  In fact, I think I might actually go try and learn more about hybrids now.  I might even tell my friend to buy a hybrid although I don’t think that’s exactly the kind of car he’s looking for.  He has very specific tastes and I think that he wants something a bit more stylish.  That’s not to say that some of the cars that don’t rely solely on gas aren’t stylish, but like I said he has his own preferences.

Speaking of which, I think that I might want to get an original record by my favorite artist, Motley Crue.  Don’t make fun of me, I’m a big heavy metal fan and that is one of my favorite bands.  I’m trying to get more into records because I know some purists think they have the best sound, and I think that if I’m going to try that I might as well start with one of my favorite bands.  Actually, the guy I mentioned earlier isn’t really that into music and he always asks me for recommendations for what bands he should check out.  Music is to me what cars are to him.